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Fears Of The Insecure Majority

In 2008 Democrats were able to regain the House, Senate and the presidency, only to lose House and Senate majorities again in 2010 – leaving President Obama unable to advance his Democratic agenda except by resorting to reversible Executive Orders which Donald Trump was anxious and able to reverse immediately upon taking office.
A Lesson From Recent History
According to the pollsters, in 2016, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by over 3 million but lost the election because a relatively small number of Americans in a few key districts, some of whom had previously voted for Barack Obama, voted for Donald Trump.  While it's true that Trump had made countless outrageous promises and demagogic statements during his campaign, these voters, along with many disgruntled Independents and Republicans, voted for him because:
The Take-Away
Before we are able to effect any meaningful change to secure our Democracy, protect its institutions, the poor and the middle class, Democrats must first win elections!  With this in mind, to win . . .

On Fiscal Responsibility

Republicans, who have always described themselves as the fiscally-responsible party, occupied the White House from 1919 to 1932, 1953 to 1960, 1969 to 1976, 1981 to 1992 and 2001 to 2008.  Here's what happened:
  1. Soon after each of these administrations was elected, Republicans cut tax rates.
  2. When Republican administrations left office, unemployment had risen to intolerable levels, the economy was in shambles and poverty levels had skyrocketed — the Great Depression under the Hoover administration (1929-1932) and the Great Recession under the Bush 43 administration (2001-2008) are salient examples of their disastrous, fiscally-irresponsible economic policies, which always revolve around tax cuts.
From 1933 to 1952, 1961 to 1968, 1977 to 1980, 1993 to 2000 and 2009 to 2016 Democratic administrations occupied the White House.  Here's what happened:
  1. Democrats raised taxes, the economy stabilized, unemployment rates came down, America prospered, poverty levels came down, the middle class grew and America was held in high esteem by the rest of the world.
  2. It is Democrats who, de facto, have been fiscally-responsible from 1919 to the present.
In 2016, promising to lower tax rates yet again, Donald Trump, the least prepared individual ever to run for the presidency, gets elected.  Here's what happened:
  1. Republicans once again inherit a much-improved economy with unemployment levels hovering around 4.5%.
  2. Republicans undo almost all policies enacted by the Obama Administration designed to protect the poor, the middle class and the economy.
  3. In December, 2017, by a strictly partisan vote, Republicans rush through fiscally-irresponsible, national-debt-busting legislation masquerading as tax reform unquestionably designed to favor their wealthy contributors and the corporations.
  4. Once again, the stage is set for yet another 2008-style Great Recession - or worse!
The aforesaid makes it quite clear: Since 1919, Democrats have been more fiscally-responsible than Republicans, Americans have always fared better under Democratic administrations and Democrats should win many more elections than they do!  Still, Democrats keep losing elections — often to incompetent, unqualified demagogues.  The question is "Why?"
    • Many Democratic candidates run with little or no support
    • In many cases, candidates are "self-selected", unvetted and obliged to run self-financed, ineffectual, shoe-string campaigns.
    • More often than not, candidates get no financial support from local, county or state organizations — case in point: during the 2016 Florida Elections, some Democratic congressional candidates were asked to pay $2,500 for a CD of registered voters when the CD could be obtained FREE from the State Division of Elections!
    • Candidates get no technical, social media or strategic support from Democratic organizations.
    • Because some candidates get no party support, they campaign by their own rules, sometimes having to ask for — and receiving! — support from Republicans, potentially compromising their support for core Democratic policies.

Joint Candidate Clusters

To enhance candidate viability and party unity, we propose the creation of Joint Candidate Clusters ("JCC"), as described below, which have been designed to:
  1. vet, recruit, advise and support qualified, viable candidates willing to run their campaigns according to established JCC policies and guidelines
  2. provide each candidate as much support as possible to run a successful campaign, including a campaign-structure blueprint, as outlined in Tier B, below

Tier A - JCC Structure (Click items to view.)

  • 1. JCC Directors Group
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      JCC Directors Group Responsibilities

      1. establishing JCC guidelines
      2. recruiting other qualified "JCC Directors", depending on scope of campaign
      3. as members of the "Candidate Electability Team", moderating the "Candidate Electability" process
      4. recruiting and placing JCC Subgroup members according to their capabilities
      5. supervising Subgroup activity at established intervals – weekly preferred
      6. providing as much support as possible, including financial support, to meet the needs of each "JCC Member-Campaign", as outlined in the "Tier B - JCC Individual Campaign Structure" section below

  • 2. Subgroups
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      Candidate Search and Vet Responsibilities

      1. finding, thoroughly vetting, directing and mentoring qualified, electable candidates in "uncontested" districts" for which no Democratic candidate is running and who are willing to run their campaigns according
      2. establishing JCC Policies and Guidelines
      3. in districts where viable candidates are already in place, encouraging those candidates who are willing to run their campaigns according to established JCC policies and guidelines to join the JCC
      4. referring thoroughly vetted candidates to the Candidate Electability Committee


      Candidate Electability

      1. committee will consist of "Directors Group", "Candidate Search and Vet Group" and "JCC Member-Candidates"
      2. When there is more than one candidate running in the same district only:
      3. a. committee will discuss each candidate's strengths and weaknesses
      4. b. after discussion, committee will vote to select most-electable candidate
      5. c. selected candidate will receive all JCC support

    Tier B - Individual Campaign Structure

    • 1. Campaign Officials
      1. Candidate
      2. Secretary
      3. Treasurer
      4. Campaign Manager
      5. Campaign Advisors
      6. Volunteer Coordinator
      7. Field Agents
        • Find and recruit Local Area Representatives (Captains) and volunteers
      8. Associated Support Groups, e.g., local political clubs, online groups and organizations
    • 2. Local Area Representatives (Captains)
      1. Recruit volunteers to carry out "Support Group" functions and activities
      2. Coordinate candidate appearances in assigned local areas
      3. Recruit other Local Area Representatives
    • 3. Support Groups (Click items to view.)


      Reach Out

      1. volunteer recruiting
      2. door-to-door canvassing with candidate video in hand
      3. petition signing
      4. fundraising when possible
      5. email and/or phone solicitations
      6. Facebook: posting, sharing on relevant groups, adding members to candidate's group
      7. Twitter and other media posting
      8. blogging
      9. contacting supportive broadcast outlets and personalities



      1. transportation
      2. equipment (e.g., audio, video)
      3. tables, chairs, etc.
      4. literature, posters, cards, etc.



      1. website creation, maintenance and/or monitoring
      2. data entry and management
      3. presentation design and creation
      4. audio and/or video recording and editing


      Print Media and Speech Writers

      1. pre-approved letters to the editor
      2. pre-approved press releases
      3. pre-approved magazine articles
      4. pre-approved speeches



      1. encourage online donations
      2. encourage fundraising hosting, including small, private events
      3. direct donation requests from individuals and organizations



      1. geographic area evaluation
      2. voter-target recommendations

 ¹ Candidate Search and Vet Group will ensure that no candidate is accepted to join a JCC until it has been established that:
  1. candidate's motivation to run is based on other than self-serving reasons and supports term limits
  2. candidate has not been subject to any investigation, whether criminal, sex-related or otherwise, which would render the candidate too controversial or "unfit to serve"
  3. candidate is familiar with a pre-established JCC issues-list as well as in possession of excellent communication and writing skills
 ² Candidate Electability Group is activated when there is more than one (1) vetted candidate for the same district to save unnecessary primary costs and resources and avoid
  1. candidate versus candidate attacks and intra-party discord.  The group shall consist of the Policy Directors and all vetted candidates for the same given district. The members shall select the candidate deemed most-electable using a selection method approved by the group.

When Republicans Win

Historically, Republicans have unjustly portrayed Democrats as "tax-and-spend, fiscally-irresponsible liberals", a reputation which Democrats give credence to during elections when they promise to raise taxes to pay for desirable national goals.  Nonetheless, the opposite is true!  Democrats, in fact, are the fiscally-responsible party!
  • Since 1929, with rare exception, when Republicans have left office, their irresponsible income and capital gains tax cuts have left large deficits and increased national debt.  As a consequence . . .
    • unemployment rates have risen — sometimes to dangerous levels
    • the economy has been left worse than when Republicans took office.
    • confidence in the U.S. economy has plummeted
  • Conversely, when Democrats have left office . . .
Although Americans have historically been better off when Democrats have been in control, due to their inexperience, unfamiliarity with party history and other causes, Democratic candidates are often unable to make their case to their constituents.  To make their case . . .
  • Candidates must familiarize themselves with our Historic Unemployment and Tax Tables and put this at the top of their campaign agenda as proof that Americans are always better off when Democrats are in power.
  • Candidates must remind voters of those popular Permanent Reforms which Democrats have codified into law and which have improved the lives of all Americans since 1932, such as . . .
     a. Social Security  b. Medicare
     c. Medicaid  d. Civil Rights
  • Going forward, candidates must emphasize to their constituents that the viability of virtually all items on the Democratic/Progressive/Liberal agenda — e.g., Healthcare for all, free college education for all, infrastructure, the environment, etc. — presuppose Democratic control of government in addition to a solvent federal government, which can only become possible with the adoption of Permanent Rational Tax Reform based on a model where all Americans and corporations pay their fair share: "Fiscal Responsibility and Economic Equality Through Fair Taxation And Representation" are their primary goals and that the Fair Automatic Simple Tax ("FAST") is the tool they will apply to achieve these non-partisan goals.

  1. ¹Middle-East Oil and Iran-hostage crises most likely influenced elections but unemployment rates were slightly better when President Carter left office than when he got elected in 1976.

Blue-Label Democrats

WARNING: Nothing in this page should be construed in any manner as opposition to the Democratic/Progressive/Liberal agenda.  To the contrary!  Our aim is to get Democrats elected so they can, in fact, enact our Proposed Reforms, which are designed to codify our Progressive agenda.

Given the threats Republicans pose to our economy, social programs, Democratic institutions and national security, along with the threat that Russian interference in our elections poses to our national sovereignty and security, more than ever, it is imperative that Blue-Label Democrats be elected.

Blue-Label Democrats are a new breed of rational, informed, all-inclusive, patriotic public servants who consider the protection of our national sovereignty and security, our Democratic institutions, freedoms and values as their moral obligation.  Blue-Label Democrats understand that, in order to take control of the government and advance the Democratic/Progressive/Liberal agenda, Democrats must be united and Democratic candidates must offer their constituents real, concrete, non-divisive solutions which appeal to all Americans, including disaffected Republicans and Progressives, who have historically not been averse to casting their ballots.

As you will see, getting Blue-Label Democrats elected will require some "out-of-the-box thinking"  Today's Democrats must now adopt new ways to bring back disenchanted Democrats who have lost faith in the Democratic Party's ability to "deliver the goods" as well as Republicans and Independents who don't believe Democrats will consider their interests.


  • INITIAL APPROACH: Start The Conversation With The Following:
    1. The Trump Administration is being investigated for possible collusion with the Russians.
    2. Members of his Administration have, in fact, been indicted for their nefarious dealings with the Russians.
    3. The Russians interfered in the 2016 elections to help Donald Trump win the election and he did.
    4. The Russians are poised to do it again in 2018 to keep Republicans in total control of the U.S. government.
    5. Our national sovereignty and security, as well as our Democratic institutions and Social Programs have been put in jeopardy as a consequence of the aforesaid.
    6. In December, 2017 Republicans rammed through congress a set of irrational, fiscally-irresponsible, national-debt-busting, tax-code changes designed to benefit the wealthy at the expense of the poor and middle class which, in all likelihood, will precipitate another 2008-type recession in the near future, making it impossible to advance our Democratic/Progressive agenda.
    1. Whenever possible, Blue-Label Democratic candidates must avoid divisive, so-called, "wedge issues" — e.g., abortion, immigration, LGBT, free-tuition, Medicare for all, etc. — which are so strongly opposed by many non-Democrats.  Such issues presuppose Democratic legislative control and would be better handled as post-election issues.
    2. Do not disparage your opponent; disaffected supporters resent this!
    3. Blue-Label Democratic candidates must concentrate on issues which appeal across party lines, for example,
  • Blue-Label Democratic candidates must campaign as all-inclusive, reform-driven patriotic public servants who reject simplistic, divisive "purity" labels
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